Biodiversity & limnological functioning of the Malagarasi-Moyovosi wetlands, western Tanzania “Abstract”

The Malagarasi drainage in western Tanzania is among the world’s most important wetland regions. The area contains biodiversity of regional and international significance but until this expedition its biological and physical characteristics had received almost no scientific attention. Our primary aims were to survey each of the primary biotopes of the Malagarasi Basin to provide […]

Lake Level Fluctuations Synchronize Genetic Divergences of Cichlid Fishes in African Lakes “Abstract”

Water level fluctuations are important modulators of speciation processes in tropical lakes, in that they temporarily form or break down barriers to gene flow among adjacent populations and/or incipient species. Time estimates of the most recent major lowstands of the three African Great Lakes are thus crucial to infer the relative timescales of explosive speciation […]

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