Ellinor Research

Research interests

My research focus is speciation in ancient lakes, primarily Lakes Tanganyika, Malawi, Baikal; benthic ecology in Lake Tanganyika; conservation of freshwater molluscs; freshwater gastropod systematics.

I use a range of approaches including molecular systematics and population genetics, morphological systematics, and observational and experimental field ecology.

Current projects

Molecular genetics and evolution of Lavigeria and other endemic gastropods in Lake Tanganyika (including potential relatives in other freshwaters); and Melanoides, with a focus on Lake Malawi (with Martin Genner, Univ. Bristol/MBA); molecular clocks and the molluscan record

Benthic ecology in Lake Tanganyika including herbivore interactions, predator-prey co-evolution, parasite-host coevolution, life history evolution, sedimentation impacts, with general focus on gastropods on hard substrates. Collaborative projects includes work on endemic crabs (S. Marijnissen, Univ. Amsterdam) and fish (K. Wagner, Cornell Univ. & P. McIntyre, Univ. Michigan)

Character determination for molluscan phylogenetics, morphometrics of gastropods (with L. Papadopoulos, Univ. Amsterdam, V. Callier, Duke Univ.)

Biodiversity & Ecosystem Functioning of the Malagarasi Wetlands, Western Tanzania.

Revision of Lavigeria, a gastropod species flock in Lake Tanganyika (with J. Todd)

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